Stephen Ministry

First Presbyterian Church of Sheridan believes in Stephen Ministries, a program that equips Church members to provide distinctively Christian, one-to-one care for those who are experiencing many kinds of difficulties.

A Stephen Minister…

  • Receives 50 hours of training in caring skills.
  • Is linked as a Christian caregiver with one person in need.
  • Visits the person regularly and offers Christian support.
  • Maintains the confidential nature of the relationship.
  • Receives regular support and guidance from a group of Stephen Ministers.
  • Takes part in occasional continuing education and skill building.
  • Serves for at least two years.

Stephen Ministers care for…

  • Those who suffer from loneliness, anxiety or pain.
  • Those who are going through difficult transitions.
  • Those experiencing a birth or adoption.
  • Those with disabilities or chronic illnesses and their families.
  • Those grieving a death or serious loss.
  • Those in employment crises.
  • Those in marriage or family crises.
  • Those in spiritual crises.
  • The elderly.
  • The homebound.
  • The hospitalized and institutionalized.
  • The terminally ill and their families.
  • Anyone who just needs a sympathetic ear.

Our Stephen Ministers…

  • Grow in their understanding of their own Christian callings.
  • Are privileged to work closely with others in helping relationships.
  • Experience the fellowship of a warm, loving, and caring group of people.
  • Know they are a vital part of the Body of Christ — the living church.
  • Receive training that is applicable not only to a lay caring ministry but also in their everyday life experiences and relationships with others.

Caregiving is certainly a pastor’s job and The Stephen Ministry is not meant to replace pastoral counsel.  Instead, it expands the pastor’s ministry by providing more workers in the Body of Christ.  The Stephen Ministry also enables our pastors to perform another important part of their jobs – that is to “equip the saints” to provide this kind of care for one another.

For more information about The Stephen Ministry, please visit 
For more information about Stephen Ministry at First Presbyterian Church, please contact the church office.

If you are in need of counsel and would like to be contacted by a Stephen Minister, please contact First Presbyterian Church at (307) 672-1717 or e-mail

Stephen Ministry is strictly confidential.  The identities and issues of those receiving care are absolutely private.