What is Fellowship?

Fellowship!  What is fellowship?  

One of the easiest ways to understand the essence of fellowship is through this definition: We are ‘fellows in the same ship.’  Whatever it is that ‘floats your boat’ puts you in fellowship with others who float similar boats as do you. 

So, what does that mean in a setting like First Presbyterian Church?

On an informal level, Fellowship can be the gathering of family and friends after church on Sunday for a cup of coffee and some wonderful snacks.  We have all shared together in the ‘boat of Sunday worship’ and we can gather around tables, enjoy the refreshments, talk about important points in the sermon or the events of the week past or the week to come.  

At FPC we extend the fellowship around times with a number of regular fun activities Some of these open activities include Golf, movie night, potluck dinners, and FEAST(Friends Eating And Sharing Together).  All are welcome for the fellowship fun.  

Fellowship also takes place during times of study.  During times of study, whether in a small group discussion or classroom setting, we have the opportunity to get to know one another better.  The insights we share and the questions we ask strengthen one another as we share ‘the same boat of study around God’s Word.’  

Being in the same boat serving others’ is one of the most powerful ways of growing fellowship.  There is something about working side by side at Lunch Together.  There is something about going on a mission trip to assist a community devastated by a natural disaster.  There is something about team teaching on an important topic.   

Fellowship can happen at different times and in multiple ways.  What is important is that we are involved in some form of fellowship.  It strengthens our support system and allows us to get to know some wonderful people.