Presbyterian Women

ABC sale flyer Fall 2019


Presbyterian Women (A.K.A. PW) 


PW meets the first Wednesday, September through May, for lunch in Westminster Hall where we enjoy fellowship, good food, and fine programs.PW holds spring and fall rummage sales and a bake-less bake sale to fund and enable our women to support others who are in need – both in our local community and worldwide. PW also participates in local mission programs that include Christmas Angel. PW members also:

  • Prepare for communion.
  • Arrange flowers in the sanctuary.
  • Prepare bereavement dinners.
  • Organize receptions.
  • Provide cookies for coffee fellowship following Sunday worship.
  • Sing in the Choir.
  • Perform in The Hilltop Ringers.
  • Teach Sunday School.
  • Contribute both food and labor at the Soup Kitchen.

PW consists of three “Circles” (smaller groups of women) that meet each month on the third Wednesday, September through May.  Each Circle selects their meeting time, annual Bible study program and extracurricular activities.

Gathering for Worship Starting Sunday July 19th, 9:00 AM